Get an opportunity to work with Senior Climate Leaders to implement actionable solutions for most pressing climate change challenges

Massive Earth Research Fellowship

One-year-long fellowship program

Massive Earth Research Fellowship

As a part of its knowledge leadership program, MEF has launched Massive Earth Research Fellows (MERF). Our one-year-long fellowship program is designed to connect and cultivate enthusiastic young change-makers, committed to tackling problems of environmental degradation.

At MERF, the fellows get an opportunity to work with Senior Climate Leaders to implement actionable solutions for most pressing environment degradation and climate change challenges we all face today. With deep dive into data and Exhaustive Research into Pollution/Climate change, the fellows stand to gain valuable experience and deeper insights into their respective fields of interests.

Agra Clean City Project

Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyle Challenge

Air Pollution in Indian Cities

Supporting Rickshaw Drivers

Essential Fellowship Position Functions

The fellow role is an opportunity designed for candidates with Report writing skills; Previous data analysis, research & reporting exposure or basic understanding, and written language abilities are preferred.

  • In-depth Study of the sector
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Interpret data, formulate reports, key insights and foresigh
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can join the program ?

    Fellowship program for talented, bright, energetic youngsters from India’s top colleges pursuing graduation and post-graduation. Fellows remain in their college while devoting 5 to 7 hours weekly on the specific assigned research project.

    What is the duration of the fellowship?

    Fellowship program is 1 year in duration, but longer or shorter terms of service may be considered depending on the circumstances.

    Is MERF a virutal fellowship?

    The entire project can be completed online virtually unless the project demands some on ground field-based research

    Which areas will the fellows work on?

    The programme is not restricted to any one specific topic of climate impact and offers a wide variety of projects to choose from within the gamut of ongoing impact projects of Massive Earth Foundation.

    Can international students apply?

    It is a global fellowship program, citizens of any country can apply, the objective is to foster cross-cultural learnings.

    Why should I apply?

    It has research, collaborating and mentoring component to facilitate greater learnings and Knowledge Leadership development. It is one of the best opportunities to get a head start in climate space and build your network.

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