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MEF Projects

A glimpse of all our ongoing projects

Agra Clean Up Project

Agra city, home to the world-famous Taj Mahal, is one of the most prominent tourist spots in India for international travelers. It garners immense attention from the international community. However, Agra also generates more than 75 tonnes of plastic waste per day and compete lack of waste management and processing infrastructure leads to most of the plastic waste either being dumped on roadsides and landfills or the Yamuna river.

The Massive Earth Foundation’s intent is to work with the Alliance to End of Plastic Waste (AEPW) and partners like the United Nation’s Environment Program (UNEP), MoEFCC (Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change), State Government and local community to deploy innovative technology to solve the plastic waste problem of Agra.

Agra Innovation Lab

Massive Earth Foundation and GoMassive Incubators have setup the Agra Innovation Lab for Prevention of Plastic Leakage into the Environment (AIL-PrePLE) with support provided by The Incubation Network (TIN). AIL-PrePLE is a platform for entrepreneurs, academicians, technical researchers, and innovators across the globe to accelerate and pilot test solutions that prevent plastic leakage into the environment. Get a chance to obtain incubation & a working contract in Agra.

Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyle Challenge

Lifestyles in Asia are becoming increasing unsustainable. Economic growth has come with critical environmental challenges – air pollution, plastic waste and greenhouse gas emissions. However, there are signs of hope – Asia is a dynamic hub for innovation and startups. The high profile of marine litter, and climate change has sparked interest among consumers to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. The aim of the challenge is to support young entrepreneurs to develop innovative, scalable startups that enable circular economy through low carbon, low waste business models for Asian consumers.

MEF in partnership with GoMassive Earth Network will take the selected participant through a six week virtual bootcamp. In the bootcamp the startups will be mentored on various expects of businesses such perfecting the go to market strategy, fundraising, scaling and growth, legal and due diligence etc.

After successfull completion the startup will recieve a grant of $ 40,000 sponsored by UNEP.

Air Pollution Study- India

14 out of the top 20 most polluted are in India. As India's air pollution monitoring network improved in the past few years with more and more cities being monitored, the number of Indian cities in the top polluters' list zoomed, and everyday new cities popup on the list.

Every year when AQI jumps past 400 in October/November there arises a scene of chaos when everyone is blaming crop burning farmers or Diwali or other factors. No one is ready to attest to the fact that actually the whole year AQI essentially remains above 100 i.e the safe limit. So what is actually choking India's and Delhi's air?

MEF team delves deep into various factors that affect India's Pollution.

Supporting Last Mile Enablers

The novel Coronavirus Pandemic has affected the entire nation resulting in a 21-day lockdown, the entire mobility sector has come to a standstill. The worst affected are daily earning E-Rickshaw drivers who are facing a hard time to match with their family expenses without any source of income

Massive Earth Foundation is working to support these E-Rickshaw drivers through private donation, and a citizen crowdfunding platform. In this initiative, MEF will focus on providing essential food supplies as well as emergency support to the E-Rickshaw driver community.

Your donation of Rs 949 can support a family of 5 for 21 days.

Sustainable Forest

India has witnessed urbanization, booming economy and huge population growth. This unsustainable growth has led to huge deforestation. Most cities in India are witnessing reducing forest and increasing stray animal population. The aim of this project is to establish small sustainable forest to support flora and fauna, and even stray animal population.

COVID Lockdown Air Pollution Study

COVID Lockdown in India has managed to keep Pollution away from our cities. We conducted study for a duration of 17 and studied the patterns of changing elements due to the lockdown that are no vehicles, industrial closure etc. We found that there is a considerable drop in AQI in all hotspots states, bolstering the fact that paddy burning is just another factor, and the consistent problem is vehicular, industrial and pollution from construction.